• SACO Color Shampoo 250ml

    SACO Color Shampoo 250ml

    This unique blend of Quinoa seed extract,Sunflower seed oil and Amla fruit extracthelps shield your hair from color fade,preserving both color depth and vibrancy.Leaving hair soft, smooth and protected,with a healthy shine. Perfect for bleached &...

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  • SACO Densifying Shampoo 250ml

    SACO Densifying Shampoo 250ml

    An advanced technology complex, perfectfor fine and thinning hair. This Superfoodformula deeply cleanses both hair and scalpto promote hair growth and leave hair feel-ing thicker and stronger. Enriched with Amla,Boitin and Saw Palmetto extract to...

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  • SACO Hydrating Shampoo 250ml

    SACO Hydrating Shampoo 250ml

    This unique formula, richly infused withCertified Organic Samoa and Babassu Oilsdelivers instant moisture to dry, coarse orbrittle hair. Gently cleansing for daily use, itstrengthens and reconstructs, leaving hairsofter, stronger and feeling nourished...

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  • SACO Revitalize Shampoo 250ml

    SACO Revitalize Shampoo 250ml

    This advanced Superfood formula gentlycleanses and stimulates the scalp, leaving itfeeling both refreshed and soothed. Infusedwith Amla Horsetail & Wheatgrass extractsto strengthen and densify the hair fibres. Aninvigorating aromatic blend of...

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