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All-Nutrient Permanent Cream Hair Color has a natural, vegetable-derived base infused with active Keratin micro-proteins, Amino Acids, organic oils, vitamins and minerals. This permanent cream hair color reestablishes the building blocks of the hair and reconstructs each strand from the inside out. It is made with the most organic ingredients possible. All-Nutrient® is the first hair color in the world to contain Zemea® propanediol - a USDA certified, 100% vegetable-derived ingredient of natural origin that is the petroleum-free, glycol alternative for the cosmetics and personal care market. Its performance is far more superior to its harmful oil-derived alternatives, such as propylene glycol, butylene glycol or glycerin that are used in most other hair color brands - just check their ingredient lists! Because of the all-natural properties of Zemea® propanediol, this hair color prevents skin irritation or sensitization, improves moisturization, and keeps hair healthy.

Features & Benefits:
No Sulfates
MEA/DEA free
No Triclosans
No Propylene glycol
No Carcinogens
No Phthalates
No toxic materials or heavy metals
No Pesticides, fungicides or herbicides